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Lash Extensions


NovaLash Extensions

NovaLash Extensions are known as the healthiest professional eyelash extension system out there. They are instantly water proof, oil proof and sweat proof. Most brands  have a 24 hour cure time. Lash Extensions are placed on each individual lash to extend the length, and in most cases add curl, all without any damage to your natural lash. You shed lashes naturally and in order to maintain a full lash, a fill needs to done every 2-3 weeks. 




  • No Makeup 
  • Clean Lashes (I will clean them but that means there is less time to lash)  
  • Come 10-15 mins early to fill out paperwork 
  • Bring your headphones if you would prefer to listen to your own music, podcast, audio book, etc 
  • NO EXTRA Guests during appointment




  • NO MORE MASCARA (if you MUST wear mascara, I can get you extension safe mascara.) 
  • Brush your lashes (morning, night, and after a shower.) 
  • Schedule a fill every 2-3 weeks. 




Full Set    $150
(2.5 - 3 hour appointment)

2 week Fill (1hr)    $45
3 week Fill (1.5 hr)    $55 (anything longer than 3 weeks will be considered a full set)

Transfer Fill    $65
Lash Bath    $10 - $15 Removal by consultation


Casey Emmel


Lash Lift

The tint is black so it can replace mascara or you can do both for a more dramatic lookup lifts and curls the lashes from the base of the lash making them appear longer and stay curled for 6-8 weeks .   

The tint is black so it can replace mascara or you can do both for a more dramatic look


  •  Don’t wear eye makeup to your appointment  


  • Waterproof mascara diminishes the effects of the lift and shouldn’t be used after the service
  • The service takes an hour and your lashes should be kept dry for 24 hours afterward  

Call to schedule an appointment (616) 377-7778

 Lash Lift & Tint $65

Brianna Bedolla

Xtreme Lashes


Xtreme  lash extensions are a semi-permanent, natural looking, synthetic lash  customized one-by-one to achieve the clients desired lashes. Xtreme  lashes are meant to mimic and enhance the natural lash and achieve all  of your lash goals all while having a shorter daily morning routine. 

Full set lash extensions $150

Full set lash extensions $150  

2 week lash fill $45  

3 week lash fill $55  
Brow wax $10  

Lip wax $8  

Chin wax $8  

Ear wax $5  

Nose wax $5  

Full face wax $25  

*Brianna is not currently accepting new clients at this time but we will let you know when this service becomes more available! 

*If you'd like to be added to our Lash extension wait list, please call the salon!  (616) 377-7778


Please Note:

The  prices are base prices and can increase for long or thick hair, extra  product use, and extra processes. Please ask your stylists if you have  any pricing questions!